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Seat Restoration and Examples of our bespoke seat covers and recently restored seats

Seat Restoration Process

  • Customer sends seat for restoration.

  • The seat is stripped of its cover and foam removed from base.

  • The foam and base are inspected for damage or wear, the foam is completly dried and base is thoroughly cleaned.

  • We will then advise you if any repairs are required to the foam or base and the cost to repair.

  • If any repairs to the foam are necessary the damaged/worn portion of the old foam is removed and new foam is bonded and shaped to the correct contour.

  • If necessary a thin layer of scrim or shaping foam is applied to help eliminate any  imperfections in the original foam.

  • A new seat cover is then custom made and expertly fitted using the original fitting technique where possible and trimming off any excess vinyl.

  • We finally protective wrap and box the refurbished seat, and it is then dispatched by courier. 

** We can arrange collection of your seat for an additional charge. To use this service your seat must be available for collection during normal working hours. Please contact me before purchasing this item to use this service.


Please note: This service is only available for seat covers purchased from our web shop and is at a reduced price. If you have purchased a seat cover from another source then please contact me regarding fitting charges. Thank you

Please use the Contact Us form to make an enquiry regarding seat restoration.

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